Mobility Exercises

These exercises ensure that all the major joints and muscles are moved through their complete range of movement with time.

Mobility exercises should be done at an unhurried, relaxed tempo. Increased range should be coaxed, not forced. Breathing should be free and easy, to the rhythm of the movement.

About 10 or 12 repetitions is enough for each exercise and there is no need to increase the number or the speed of the movement. Progress is achieved by gently increasing the range of the movement or, when you are mobile, maintaining this level of flexibility.

Arm swinging

Start: feet wide astride, arms hanging loosely by your sides.

Movement: raise both arms forwards, upwards, backwards and sideways, in a circular motion, brushing your ears with your arms as you go past.

Side bends

Start: feet wide apart, hands on hips.

Movement: bend first to the left, then to the right, keeping the head at right angles to the trunk.

Head arms and trunk rotating

Start: feet wide astride, hands and arms reaching directly forwards at shoulder level.

Movement: turn the head, arms and shoulder around to the left as far as you can go, bending the right arm across the chest. Then repeat the movement to the right. Keep the hips still throughout.

Alternate ankle reach

Start: feet wide apart, both palms on the front of the upper left thigh.

Movement: relax the trunk forward as you slide both hands down the front of the left leg. Return to the upright position then repeat on the right. Don’t go further than you can comfortably manage.