These exercises should be performed slowly, rhythmically and within the LIMITS OF PAIN. If you feel pain then STOP IMMEDIATELY, do not try to work through it.

Starting position for all the exercises is on all fours. Hands should be placed shoulders width apart, knees slightly apart, arms and thighs vertical.

  1. Arch the back, at the same time look down at the floor. Lower the stomach towards the floor, at the same time look up to the ceiling.
  2. Slowly walk the hands around to the right, back to the starting position, then around to the left = supported side bend.
  3. Raise on hand off the floor, reach underneath the body as far as you can. On the return, swing the arm out to the side and upward as far as you can then return to starting position. Follow the moving hand with the eyes.
  4. Draw alternate knees to the opposite elbow.
  5. Stretch on arm forward in front, at the same time stretching the opposite leg out behind.
  6. Try and move your seat (swinging your seat) from side to side.
  7. Sit back on your heels, transfer your weight forward keeping your nose close to the ground. When you reach your hands, push up, straightening your arms